Calligo snaps up Irish firm Cinnte Technologies

3 Nov 2020

Image: © Alex from the Rock/

Cinnte Technologies will be Calligo’s third Irish acquisition of 2020 and its eighth internationally in three years.

Jersey-based data and privacy firm Calligo has announced the purchase of Irish IT services provider Cinnte Technologies, which specialises in managed IT, cloud and security services.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. It follows Calligo’s acquisition of Dublin-based DC Networks in January 2020 and Dublin and Cork-based Itomic Voice & Data in June 2020.

As Calligo’s third Irish acquisition of the year, this deal reinforces the company’s position as one of the largest IT managed services providers in Ireland in terms of resources, market share and breadth of service and capability.

Aside from the company’s HQ in Jersey, Calligo has key locations in Canada, the US, UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and Luxembourg, while its operations and customers are worldwide. It has completed eight acquisitions internationally in the last three years.

‘An ideal fit’

Cinnte Technologies is based in Cavan and Dublin. Its core services of managed IT, cloud and Microsoft 365 are similar to Calligo’s services.

Calligo founder and CEO Julian Box said Cinnte Technologies has an excellent track record in client service and retention, making it “an ideal fit for the next step” in the company’s Irish expansion.

“The Cinnte Technologies team has done a great job keeping its clients’ data continuously available and secure, and we will immediately supplement our local resources with their skills,” he said.

“We also intend to help Cinnte Technologies’ clients build from their solid data foundations, offering broader data safety through our governance and privacy services, and greater insight into their data with our automation and machine learning services.”

Cinnte Technologies’ managing director and founder, Danny Barr, said the acquisition will allow the company to “contribute to a highly regarded global service team”.

“It gives our team the opportunity to use their skills to make a far greater impact and gives our clients access to data services that Cinnte Technologies alone could have never offered. It is a big, positive step forward for everyone involved.”

Jenny Darmody is the editor of Silicon Republic