Cape Clear blocks spam for BlackBerry-toting salesforce

23 Nov 2004

Irish web services software player Cape Clear has signed a deal with Complete Tecnology to deploy Mirapoint’s RazorGate 100 email security software client amongst its BlackBerry-equipped salesforce to remove spam and other email-borne security threats from its fixed-line and mobile email system.

Working with local Irish network services provider, Complete Technology, Cape Clear deployed Mirapoint’s RazorGate 100 and succeeded in blocking 75pc of spam and virus messages at the network edge before any IT resources were wasted.

“The decision was made to equip the Cape Clear sales force with BlackBerry devices so that they could more easily communicate with colleagues and customers while ‘on the road’,” said Martin Whelan, IT/IS manager at Cape Clear.

“However, our principal concern was that the benefits of the BlackBerry would be cancelled out by the growing levels of spam we were experiencing on our network. Trawling through spam on a BlackBerry is even more of a drain on productivity than doing it on a PC due to the constraints of using such a small screen and physical interface.”

The RazorGate 100 is designed by Mirapoint to be deployed quickly and provide immediate results, effectively defending against spam, virus and hacker attacks through a sophisticated, multi-layer approach. With MailHurdle technology, Cape Clear experienced up to 75pc of spam and virus messages blocked at the network edge before any resources were wasted. Mirapoint’s complete multi-layered approach to email security helps Cape Clear achieve overall spam catch-rates of 98pc with near zero false positives.

“We took the product for a 10-day trial and from day one we witnessed dramatic results in spam and virus filtering,” added Whelan. “Within 10 days we were filtering 1,000 spam emails out of the system on a daily basis. Within 20 days, that figure jumped to between 4,000 and 5,000 spam emails per day.

“For one user, the number of spam emails they were receiving dropped from more than 1,000 per day to just 50, and I am confident that this number will reduce even further over time,” concluded Whelan

By John Kennedy