Cape Clear launches web services program

18 Mar 2003

Irish software company Cape Clear yesterday announced a new program that offers organisations what it terms a ‘risk-free’ opportunity to evaluate how web services can solve their integration challenges.

The company cited benefits in terms of cost and time and compared EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) or J2EE-(Java 2 Enterprise Edition) based solutions.

The program starts with a free evaluation of any integration project to determine how web services will meet the project’s needs. Secondly it includes a discount on the preliminary consulting project and at the end of the project, in the event that web services is unable to solve the integration requirement faster and at less expense, Cape Clear will waive all fees.

“Using EAI and J2EE to solve application integration is like studying medicine to cure a headache,” said Annrai O’Toole (pictured), CEO at Cape Clear Software. “Web services simply changes the economies of integration. It doesn’t require an army of experts, it’s based on open industry standards and it inherently spans the internet, corporate networks, existing applications, J2EE, .NET, CORBA and even COBOL. Web services enables organisations to integrate their applications, documents and processes quickly and easily without the cost and the pain,” he continued.

By Dick O’Brien