Chic tech dominates world branding chart, Apple No 1

9 Oct 2014

This year’s Interbrand Best Global Brands ranking has been released, with tech companies continuing their rise to the top. Apple is considered the most lucrative in the world at US$118.9bn.

In just the top 30 positions in the ranking chart posted to their website, just under half of them are tech companies including some other familiar faces including Google, IBM, Microsoft and Samsung.

What is clear from the companies’ value is that Apple and Google are by-far the most lucrative of any company, not just those in tech, with the latter just coming in behind Apple at US$107.4bn.

In fourth place IBM is somewhat behind at US$72.2bn while Microsoft in fifth place is lower again at US$61.1bn.

Of the four companies highlighted as the top risers on last year’s figures, Facebook is by far the fastest growing brand in the world having seen its value as a brand increase by an incredible 86pc to US$14.3bn and is sitting in 29th place.

Interbrand’s list of the top-30 brands in the world this year.

Also included in their high-flying list is Amazon whose value grew by 25pc to US$29.5bn and is holding the 15th position in their chart.

Speaking of the growth of tech companies establishing themselves as lucrative brands, Interbrand’s CEO Jez Frampton said the public’s desire for gadgets has contributed to their success: “Brands that seek to lead in the forthcoming ‘age of you’ will have to create truly personalised and curated experiences, or what we call ‘mecosystems,’ around each and every one of us.

“Such brands will have to rehumanise the data, uncover genuine insights, and deliver against individual wants, needs, and desires.”

Apple Store in New York image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic