Dublin-based Clanwilliam Group snaps up UK medtech firm in €100m plan

14 Aug 2017

Image: Sergei Domashenko/Shutterstock

Clanwilliam Group acquires Medisec Software as part of an effort to spend €100m in the medtech sector.

In its 13th medtech acquisition in the past three years, Dublin-based Clanwilliam Group has announced the purchase of UK firm Medisec Software, a company firmly embedded within the country’s National Health Service (NHS).

In its announcement, Clanwilliam Group said the purchase of Medisec gives it a major inroad with the NHS as, for the past 25 years, it has been digitising clinical correspondence and dictation.

It added that as many as 15,000 primary and secondary healthcare professionals currently rely on Medisec products in the midlands and north of England.

With the Clanwilliam Group acquisition, the intention is for Medisec to spread its reach to other parts of the UK.

Investment plan

Over the past 14 months, Clanwilliam Group has spent more than €10m acquiring a number of UK firms, including Bluespier, which works with the NHS in providing software for clinics and operating theatres; and Maxwell Stanley Consulting, a specialist consultancy firm that helps NHS organisations enhance patient information and financial outcomes.

Other businesses within Clanwilliam Group include Clanwilliam Health, Toniq, Medical Business Systems, Medical Management Services, Claimsure and Epic Solutions.

The group claims that its recently acquired businesses save the NHS approximately £14m annually.

Howard Beggs, CEO of Clanwilliam Group, said: “Clanwilliam Group’s growth strategy across the UK is to actively develop a group of highly synergistic healthcare technology and services businesses.

“Medisec Software is an instant fit, providing cleverly integrated technologies with a long-term commitment to helping NHS organisations through their digital transformation. We are looking forward to working with Ceri and her team to build on the success already achieved.”

The Dublin-based group has promised to spend a further €100m on acquisitions and investment in other higher-end medtech companies over the coming years, according to The Irish Times.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic