Weekend Takeaway: Powered by Collison brothers, renewables and a decade of NDRC

1 Feb 2019

Image: © keneaster/Stock.adobe.com

A weekend of essential sci-tech reading, including Collison brothers’ Stripe reaching a new valuation, NDRC looking to the next 10 years and Ireland meeting demand for electricity with renewables.

Collison brothers’ Stripe now valued at more than $22bn


From left: Patrick and John Collison, founders of Stripe

Unicorn payments company founded by two Irish brothers in Silicon Valley nine years ago continues to gain value.

NDRC start-ups raised more than €50m in 2018

Two men, one in a sports jacket and the other in a hoodie, smile while holding a report.

From left: NDRC chair Sean Baker and NDRC CEO Ben Hurley. Image: Shane O’Neill/SON Photographic

With a decade of investing under its belt, NDRC is looking to the next 10 years.

Almost half of workers have a side hustle, research says

A woman in a red checked shirt sitting at a desk and staring intently at her laptop while working.

Image: © nikomsolftwaer/Stock.adobe.com

Do you have a side hustle? If so, you have something in common with 46pc of US people surveyed by Udemy.

Renewables accounted for 32pc of Ireland’s electricity needs in 2018

A murmuration of birds alongside a wind turbine in Ireland at dusk.

Image: © John Timmons/Stock.adobe.com

Wind, water and sun are becoming powerful components in meeting Ireland’s electricity needs.

DNS pioneer Paul Vixie on the evolution of the internet

Dr Paul Vixie wearing a white shirt and navy blazer standing outside a corporate building.

Dr Paul Vixie. Image: Farsight Security

Dr Paul Vixie was a major contributor to the creation of the internet as we know it and wants to ensure it is a fairer, safer place.

A 2.6pc gender pay gap can cost a woman as much as $500,000

A woman in a red checked shirt sitting at a desk and staring intently at her laptop while working.

Image: © djile/Stock.adobe.com

Small differences can have a huge impact. That’s the takeaway from research conducted by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, which has found that a gender pay gap of as little as 2.6pc can cost a woman $500,000 over her lifetime.

Intel confirms Bob Swan is company’s new permanent CEO

Man in dark jacket and blue shirt smiling in front of an Intel sign.

Bob Swan. Image: Intel Corporation

Swan is the seventh CEO in Intel’s 50-year history.

Tonga hopes to repair fibre cable after days-long internet blackout

The shore of Neiafu, the second largest town in Tonga. Small jetty and blue water with a pristine beach.

Shoreline of Tongan town of Neaifu. Image: © Rohrlach/Stock.adobe.com

Authorities in Tonga say they hope to have restored internet access by the weekend following more than a week without it after a fibre cable was severed.

Why Chinese science seems so secretive – and how it may be about to change

Two people in blue hazard suits assembling electronics in a Chinese factory.

Image: © Artwell/Stock.adobe.com

Dr Joy Y Zhang of the University of Kent reveals a surprising reason behind why Chinese science is so shrouded in secrecy.

‘Antarctic king’ reptile discovery sheds light on weird prehistoric South Pole

Drawing of a multicoloured Antarctic king on a tree stump sneaking up on an insect on a leaf, with other creatures in a forest background.

Illustration of Antarctanax shackletoni (foreground) sneaking up on an early titanopetran insect. Image: Adrienne Stroup/Field Museum

Palaeontologists have uncovered the fossilised remains of an iguana-sized reptile that roamed the once-warm continent of Antarctica.

Updated, 4.37pm, 1 February 2019: This article was updated to clarify that renewables accounted for 32pc of Ireland’s electricity needs in 2018, not its energy needs.