ComReg to grant test licences for wireless R&D

12 Aug 2004

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) is examining the possibility of granting test licences to companies researching and developing new technologies and services that could enjoy pan-European deployment. These services will include RFID, Wimax and Ultra Wideband.

Basing its enthusiasm on what it claims is Ireland’s proven reputation for innovation in communications and technology, with greater availability of radio spectrum than other European countries, ComReg said that Ireland is ideally placed to support wireless technology service trials.

These service trials could potentially involve investment from European telcos and various other service providers keen to win business in Europe through innovative new wireless technologies like RFID, Ultra Wideband and WiMax.

ComReg last night launched a public consultation on the best way to introduce a wireless testing licence regime.

ComReg chairman John Doherty commented: “A thriving academic and industrial research base and relative abundance of radio spectrum makes Ireland the ideal location for developers to work on the next generation of radio technology.

“By adopting a flexible and proactive regulatory approach we seek to encourage wireless innovators to locate in Ireland and to enhance our reputation as a premier location for communications research.”

By John Kennedy