Consumer interest in iPad waning, survey shows

8 Feb 2010

Despite a high-profile unveiling, Apple’s iPad tablet computer has failed to keep potential customers’ interest, a survey suggests.

Some 52 percent of respondents have heard of Apple’s iPad, but are not interested in buying one, a survey by online marketplace Retrevo of more than 1,000 randomly selected customers has found.

Another 18pc of survey respondents said they had not heard of the product, but also were not interested.

Prior to Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiling the iPad on 27 January, 26pc of respondents had heard of the much-speculated about tablet, but were uninterested in buying one. That number doubled after the iPad’s debut.

Respondents also showed a high awareness of the iPad – more than 80pc said they had heard of the device, and of those 21pc said they need more information about it before making a purchase while 9pc said they would likely buy one.

The survey results suggest consumers may not see how the iPad would fit into their lives. While 5pc said they “definitely” need one, 61pc said they do not think they need an iPad.

Photo: Apple’s iPad tablet