Cork firm in digital TV deal with Ericsson

14 May 2003

Cork-based mobile software firm DigiSoft has been selected by Ericsson Mobility World UK & Ireland to provide mobile operators around the world with the ability to enable TV viewers to send images from digital TV to friends via MMS.

Digisoft’s DigiMMS product allows TV viewers to send and receive MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages from their TV set, enabling users to trial the new technology before upgrading to the latest MMS-enabled handsets. Users can simply select an image using their remote control and send it to a friend’s phone or TV. The technology is based on industry standards such as MHP and MMS protocols such as MM3 and MM7.

Under the terms of the agreement Ericsson Mobility World will promote DigiSoft’s technology to mobile operators wishing to work with TV companies in the process of launching interactive services and hoping to increase traffic and subscription services.

UK TV station Channel 4 is a prime example of a TV station that has been using SMS (short messaging service) to boost traffic and interaction with viewers. For example, over the course of its Big Brother reality TV show, the series generated over 13 million premium text messages, accounting for 41pc of the total number of premium messages generated by the station. Interactive SMS games account for 16pc of the total, while text message news alerts account for 40pc of the total.

John Allen, CEO of DigiSoft, pointed out the commercial opportunities presented by the joining of these technologies. “Interactive TV and MMS technology have the ability to radically change the way we interact with two major technologies in our lives – the TV and the mobile phone. Imagine sending an image of the winning goal to a rival fan or a greeting card during festive holidays. This not only encourages consumer usage of interactive TV and MMS but also represents a major revenue-generating opportunity for broadcasters and mobile operators.”

By John Kennedy