Corporation tax is non-negotiable, says HP managing director

28 Oct 2010

Stressing the continuing importance of Ireland’s foreign direct investment community to the Irish economy, the managing director of HP Ireland said corporation tax is a non-negotiable part of the tax regime for multinationals and the 12.5pc rate must be sustained.

Last week, HP announced 120 high-tech multilingual jobs at its enterprise division in Dublin. The company employs around 4,000 people in Ireland.

Murphy said that ahead of the Budget there is work to be done in making it easier for Irish people to start their own businesses and that many people who worked in multinationals in the past will have an important role to play.

“Getting people back to work is paramount for Ireland and there are two dimensions – FDI and indigenous SMEs. We are good at creating start-ups but we need to make it easier for people to set up companies and bring them through to fruition. We need to make it easier for people who leave school and college to set up businesses.”

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