Cubic Telecom to partner with Microsoft at Frankfurt Motor Show

5 Sep 2019

A Microsoft office building. Image: Observer/Depositphotos

Irish tech company Cubic Telecom will demonstrate its new connected-car collaboration with Microsoft.

Dublin-based global connectivity management software supplier Cubic Telecom has announced plans to join forces with Microsoft at the Frankfurt International Motor Show this year.

Cubic Telecom, which providers software to the automotive and IoT industries, announced the news today (5 September).

The Irish tech company, which is also partnered with VW Group brands, will demonstrate its in-market connected-car capabilities, using a dashboard from the all-electronic Audi e-Tron. This enables drivers to access ‘infotainment’ apps, connect their devices to its Wi-Fi hotspot and top up on high-speed LTE (long-term evolution) data plans.

Microsoft collab

Cubic Telecom will also present work from its collaboration with Microsoft on the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, which combines infrastructure and platform services built on Microsoft Azure with a strong partner network, which will allow the automotive industry to create connected driving experiences.

Microsoft and Cubic Telecom will demonstrate this technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which takes place from 10 to 15 September.

Cubic Telecom will demonstrate how it is “the first connectivity management software provider to deploy future-proof sustainable voice services using voice over LTE (VoLTE)”.

The company said: “Cubic Telecom’s focus on the future and innovation delivery addresses the gradual sunset of 2G and 3G by operators. This technology sunset means VoLTE support is necessary for e-call and concierge services.”

More than 2.5m drivers are already using Cubic’s connected-car solution in Europe and Asia. The company’s core network spans 180 countries and more than 75 tier-1 mobile operator partnerships. The company said: “This gives the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform the power to create and deliver its service offering globally to automotive manufacturers.”

Cubic said that its connected-car solution, which can enable manufacturers to provide drivers with consistent 4G LTE for data, voice and SMS at local rates, will be deployed in 20m vehicles over the next four years.

The telecoms company is already partnered with Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and the wider Volkswagen Group brands, e.GO, Panasonic Automotive and Microsoft.

The company is privately held with over €100m in funding from Audi Electronics Venture, Qualcomm, Valid, Enterprise Ireland and the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund. Cubic also recently secured €23.5m in funding from the European Investment Bank.

A Microsoft office building. Image: Observer/Depositphotos

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic