Cubic Telecom technology could save you up to 80pc while roaming

20 Jul 2009

A new roaming SIM card called Buzzroam, which has the potential to save Asian travellers 80pc savings on their mobile phone bills, comes as the result of a partnership between Irish company Cubic Telecom and Global Roaming Solutions in Hong Kong.

The Buzzroam GSM SIM card will facilitate cheap voice and data roaming using one dedicated international number, while also allowing people to forward their regular mobile number to their Buzzroam SIM card.

According to Stuart Cloete, Buzzroam’s managing director: “This is extremely convenient for the traveller who can’t afford to miss a call – your contacts won’t even know you are overseas.”

Buzzroam will engage in strategic partnerships in over 200 countries globally and says it has the potential to save thousands of dollars on the cost of roaming charges almost anywhere in the world.

One SIM card will cover 213 countries and calls can be forwarded for free.
Using Cubic Telecom’s technology, users can also ‘rent’ local numbers from over 50 countries direct from the Buzzroam website – this means their contacts around the world can call them at local rates whenever they want and wherever they are.
“This is great news for businesses in Asia, as they often have customers in countries such the US and the UK,” says Cloete.

“Their customers will now be able to contact them for the price of a local call, Americans get an American number, UK customers get a UK customer and they all go direct to a single mobile phone, an international phone network all on one SIM”
Buzzroam has deliberately targeted Hong Kong for its launch into the Asian market due to its business gateway status between the East and West.

In 2008, for instance, over 48.5 million passengers passed through Hong Kong International Airport, with many of them on business trips. 
Explains Cloate: “The average business user roaming abroad for three days could easily spend over HK$1000. With Buzzroam, that could be reduced to as little as HK$200.“
Commenting on the alliance with Global Roaming Solutions, Pat Phelan, CEO Cubic Telecom, adds: “We have long admired the company and are delighted to make our first strategic move in Asia with a team of this calibre.”

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By Carmel Doyle

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic