Currys ramps up Pound Equals Euro technology promotion

24 Feb 2010

The largest electronics retailer in Ireland, Currys, has launched a Pound Equals Euro promotional strategy to drive demand for electrical products, particularly white goods, that may prevent people from the Republic travelling across the border.

Entitled ‘Pound Equals Euro’, prices of all large white goods – washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, fridges, freezers, etc – will be offered at prices 15pc less expensive than across the border.

Declan Ronayne, the managing director of DSG Retail Ireland, which trades as Currys and PC World, affirmed there will be no currency difference.

He said the euro will be treated at parity with sterling and Currys will absorb the WEEE recycling charge and the 3.5pc VAT differential (17.5pc in Northern Ireland versus 21pc in the Republic).

Ronayne added the promotion effectively contradicts the myth that better value is to be had across the border and said shoppers can check the price of goods they see in-store in Ireland by going to the Currys UK site.

“We’re saying to customers not to waste their time travelling North for bargains when they’re available at a store near to them.

“Equally, anyone in the North looking for good value should consider a trip to one of our stores.

“It’s a very direct message that people have responded to enthusiastically in the past – we’re expecting to be busy as customers seek to replace or upgrade their current equipment,” Ronayne said.

In recent weeks, DSG revealed plans to create 100 new jobs with a number of new store locations and the rollout of a new retail format that combines PC World and Currys under one roof. The new store locations will be outlined during the summer, a spokesman told

By John Kennedy

Photo: Currys has launched a Pound Equals Euro promotional strategy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years