Deals done this past week

17 Jan 2011

An overview of the week in deals in the Irish technology sector.

SEAI signs funding agreement with Australian wave energy developer

SEAI has secured a formal funding agreement with Australian renewables company Carnegie Wave Energy for a €150,000 project to evaluate potential wave sites for its CETO technology in Ireland and to develop a site-specific conceptual design.

The project, which will be managed through the company’s Irish subsidiary, CETO Wave Energy Ireland, is 50pc funded by the SEAI and 50pc by Carnegie and forms the first phase of detailed design for a potential 5MW commercial demonstration project in Irish waters.

According to Carnegie, the project has now started with the recent appointment of RPS Consulting Engineers to undertake the study.

Complete Telecom in €100k deal with BWG Foods

Managed network and telecoms provider Complete Telecom has signed a €100,000 deal with the wholesale division of BWG to provide wireless 3G and infrastructure to 22 branches across Ireland.

“Having previously deployed projects based on 3G technology, we were convinced it would prove to be the best fit for BWG’s Value Centre network,” explains Neil Wisdom, sales director with Complete Telecom.

“Following a network redesign and configuration of routers to automatic failover by our technical team, we migrated all 22 value centres to the new service. The great thing is that the company doesn’t have to worry about cables being damaged in the ground or long lead times to install new fixed-line telecoms cabling as the service is delivered wirelessly with enhanced reception provided via a small 3G antenna on the side wall or roof of each building.”

The backup telecoms service, which represents an investment of €100,000 by BWG, will deliver immediate cost savings of 33pc, as well as lead to significant performance improvements.