Dell creates 20 new Irish jobs

12 Jun 2008

Just a month after announcing it was cutting 200 jobs in Ireland, primarily at its Cherrywood operation, Dell has created 20 new jobs at the plant to focus on a new industry solutions group, has learned.

Yesterday, Dell announced the launch of a new Industry Solutions Group which will focus on opportunities in the OEM (original equipment manufacturing) market, making devices specifically for the medical, internet, industrial, gaming and digital cinema sectors.


The new division will have an EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) brief and will be headed by former Dell country manager, PJ Dwyer.


Dwyer explained the new division has generated 20 new positions, as well as a number of positions at the company’s Limerick manufacturing plant, and has also created a corresponding number of jobs on the ground in various EMEA markets.


“We’ve been focusing on this market in the US for some time and we’ve had notable success in the internet appliance market, manufacturing Google-branded internet servers, for example.


“We’ve hired 20 people in Dublin, and while Dell has rationalised in a number of areas, this is one area where the company will be growing.”


Last month, Dell workers in Ireland were stunned by the news that 250 executive jobs were to be cut as part of compulsory redundancies at its Cherrywood operation in Dublin.

Around 50 of the jobs were to be cut from the company’s Limerick manufacturing operations.


The new jobs consist of go-to-market, multilingual salesforce, as well as field-based engineers.


“The medical devices market would be one of the industry verticals we’ll be targeting. This is a good example of an industry that would use standard computing devices to run diagnostics equipment.


“A key focus of the new division will be market research and identifying opportunities to get involved in early stage R&D conversations. We can also engage in more enhanced customisation projects by allowing firms to brand the machines we build for them, such as with Google.


“The operation will be spearheaded from here in Dublin and some of our people in Limerick will allow us to liaise closely with our manufacturing operations. Basically, we will be leveraging the greater Dell for factory and marketing operations and will have a further 20 people spread across Europe,” Dwyer told


By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years