Dell goes the distance with IRFU

4 Aug 2009

Following a competitive tender, the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) has chosen Dell to supply its virtualisation needs.

The new deal between Dell and the IRFU will see Dell’s virtualisation platform replace the organisation’s current infrastructure, which was nearing end of life.

Among criteria for choosing the new virtualisation solution were increased productivity and cost savings, and part of Dell’s consultation process involved carrying out a File System Assessment to eliminate the risk involved in setting up the new platform and transitioning form the previous infrastructure.

“Dell has provided a robust and well balanced solution. Working with Dell’s team on site from beginning to the end of the process, we had a great degree of comfort in the company’s ability to deliver the solution with minimum disruption to the business” said Sid Carmody of the IRFU said.

“Critical to the IRFU was deploying a solution that would allow for future growth as the growing popularity of rugby means that we are constantly developing new areas of the business.  As a result of this project we know that we can add any applications or servers as quickly and easily as needed. We also were very impressed with the excellent after sales support offered by Dell’s ProSupport package.”

This virtual infrastructure will reduce the IRFU’s physical server footprint and provide a scalable solution for future growth.

“The IRFU needed a solution that would simplify its existing structure, freeing up its IT department to drive productivity gains and cost savings to the organization,” said Chris Mullan, head of UK Ireland SMB Sales for Dell.

“The virtual environment allows the IRFU to continue growing without impacting physically on its infrastructure footprint.  Critically, the consolidation will improve performance while cutting down on energy consumption, which means that the solution is also more environmentally friendly, as well as more cost effective.”