5 tech trends Dell expects to impact Irish businesses in 2023

21 Dec 2022

Dell Technologies Ireland vice-president and MD Jason Ward. Image: Naoise Culhane Photography

Dell believes that developments in AI and quantum computing will benefit Irish businesses of all sizes, while technology will play a greater role in employee satisfaction.

Dell Technologies Ireland has shared predictions on how technology advancements will impact businesses in 2023.

The company said many businesses are looking to accelerate their digital transformation plans with IT investments.

There is also a Government goal to transform the Irish economy this decade, with a target of having 90pc of Irish of SMEs at basic digital intensity by 2030.

Last year, the company made five predictions for 2022 which included advancements in 5G, edge computing and cybersecurity.

Dell now believes developments in AI and quantum computing will transform the Irish business landscape, along with a growing focus on the digital employee experience.

“New technologies will help Irish businesses to remain resilient in challenging times as well as enabling a hybrid workforce to innovate at speed,” said Dell Technologies Ireland MD Jason Ward.

Technology will make or break the employee experience

As many workers continue to work remotely or on a hybrid schedule, Dell predicts that company technology will have a greater impact on the employee experience.

The company said new tools and devices will shape how people work from home, while also helping offices pivot to become “workspaces for collaboration”.

“That will enable businesses to provide employees with a consistent and productive work experience, not defined by where they work,” Dell said.

Greater focus on cybersecurity

Cyberattacks have grown to a larger concern for businesses, as various high-profile attacks demonstrate the potential damage they can cause.

While cyberattackers have continued to make new forms of ransomware, Dell said the rise in remote working has also changed the “cyber landscape” and makes businesses “of all sizes prime targets”.

“With evolving ransomware attacks and the growing volume of data, cyber resilience will become intrinsic to business resilience,” Ward said.

Cyberattacks are expected to escalate in Ireland next year due to a greater reliance on cloud services and third-party providers, according to a PwC survey.

Greater adoption of AI by businesses

AI has accelerated at a remarkable rate this year, with a rise in text-to-image generators and advanced chatbots, with various degrees of success and controversy.

Dell believes AI will reach a turning point next year and become adopted by organisations to harness the power of data and support teams in all parts of a business. The company believes AI could be the “main engine of innovation” for 2023.

“For those who have the right talent to embrace it, advancements in AI can provide businesses of all sizes with a distinct competitive advantage,” Ward said.

Quantum computing will help digital transformation

While quantum computing remains more conceptual than reality, there are various breakthroughs occurring in research institutions that give hope of its potential.

Ireland is well positioned to be part of this computing revolution with various major industry players, such as IBM, Microsoft, Google and Intel, all with a presence here. Ireland has even produced its own quantum computing start-up in Equal1.

For 2023, Dell predicts that quantum computing will become more accessible for businesses across Ireland, becoming the “new frontier of digital innovation”. The company predicts the impact of quantum will first be felt in the healthcare and finance sectors.

IT will help businesses hit ESG goals

The climate crisis has become a bigger topic among businesses and governments worldwide, with COP27 and COP15 setting new goals this year to try help the planet.

Dell predicts that IT will play a greater role to help businesses achieve their various environment, social and governance (ESG) goals.

“IT teams can play a key role in developing the right metrics and accessing data from across the business to reliably track emissions and measure progress,” the company said.

Dell also sees AI and machine learning having a role to play here, as they can be used to identify opportunities such as ways to reduce waste.

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Leigh Mc Gowran is a journalist with Silicon Republic