Dell plans meanest green machine on earth

7 Jun 2007

Michael Dell has revealed his ambition to build the “greenest PC on the planet”, encouraging customers to contribute their ideas for this environmentally friendly machine on

The green PC is part of Dell’s new Zero Carbon initiative to offset the environmental damage of its manufacturing processes by aiming to reduce its carbon impact by 15pc by 2012.

“We often characterize a certain age group as typifying a generation, like the ‘Me Generation,’ ‘Gen X’ or ‘Gen Y,’ but it’s clear today that we’re living in the ‘Re-Generation’,” said Michael Dell, CEO of Dell.

Dell has also launched its “Plant a tree for me” programme in Europe. Customers can contribute towards a reforestation project by paying €1.50 per laptop or €4.50 per desktop pc purchased.

The idea that these trees will contribute to soaking up CO2 emissions which come from the electricity used in running pcs.

Dell also plan to assess the direct and indirect impact of its company on the environment, and is channeling resources into efficiently managing IT systems that will reduce the need for so many desktops.

“Our effort to drive IT simplification from desktop to data center will identify efficiencies that help reduce the carbon impact of our products,” said Dell.

“Dell will do its part to protect the Earth’s climate, from providing energy-efficient IT products, to using environmentally responsible practices we hope others will embrace.”

The company has also asked its major suppliers to start assessing and reporting their own greenhouse gas emissions.

By Marie Boran