Dell’s $67bn EMC merger to create Dell Technologies

3 May 2016

Dell CEO Michael Dell, via Wikimedia Commons

The biggest tech merger in history will see the creation of a new Dell Technologies, an umbrella for Dell, EMC, the prized VMware, Pivotal, Secureworks, RSA and Virtustream.

Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell, made the announcement at the EMC World Conference, the first to be held since the merger reached its final stages.

Last March, the European Commission got on board with the idea of the merger, with the resulting Dell Technologies set to be a $2trn enterprise tech giant with interest in servers, storage, virtualisation and PC, as well as software-defined networks, hybrid cloud, converged infrastructure, mobile and security.

“It has a nice ring to it,” said Dell when he was speaking of the new name. “The brand equity of Dell PC is irreplaceable,” he said, nodding to the family name staying as the masthead.

The acquisition of EMC futureproofs Dell in a way that prepares it for a future where selling PCs won’t be enough. Acquiring EMC gives Dell capabilities beyond the PC, such as cloud storage, corporate software and mobile devices.

In making the announcement, Dell felt the need to call out the main rival to his company, HP, which announced severe job cuts across its operations last year in a bid to improve its business fortunes.

“HP is trying to grow by investing less in R&D and software, all the while losing share to Dell,” he said. “We are investing in speed, agility and innovation and creating the essential infrastructure for the next industrial revolution.”

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic