Directory enquiry firm’s novel plan to create 90 jobs

21 May 2009

Directory enquiry firm Call 11890 has pledged to create up to 90 jobs across its call centres in Dublin and Galway, if it succeeds in reaching certain call targets.

The novel initiative, which has the dual purpose of creating employment and marketing the service, will see 2.5 new jobs created for every extra 1,000 calls it receives per day.

The recruitment would begin following one week of increased call volumes.

Call 11890 Ltd currently employs 90 staff across its call centres in Dublin and Galway and receives on average 20,000 calls per day.

The company is now targeting to double its call volumes with an increase of 36,000 calls per day, which will translate into the creation of 90 jobs. Such an ambitious target will require an investment of an estimated €2m by 11890, with the company hoping to complete recruitment by the end of the 2009.

“This is a very simple idea, we are asking the Irish public to support an Irish business by calling 11890. In turn ,we will support the Irish public and the Irish economy by recruiting up to 90 new members of staff,” said Nicola Byrne, managing director Call 11890 Ltd .

“At a time when many of us are feeling a little helpless with the economic downturn, this is a real opportunity for each and every one of us to directly create employment, and at the same time enjoy savings by using the cheapest operator in the market,” she said.

According to Byrne, competitors to 11890 are outsourcing all weekend and some midweek calls to call centre providers outside Ireland. “As an Irish-owned and operated business, this is our response to an alarming development in our industry and the current economic downturn.”

Welcoming the prospect of job creation, Oisin Geoghegan, County Enterprise Boards, said: “Any initiative that creates jobs is always welcome. In this environment it is crucial to foster an entrepreneurial culture ,which will in turn lead to the creation of sustainable employment.”

Positions will be available in both Galway and Dublin and are paid on an hourly basis. The 90 jobs initiative will be supported by a nationwide print and radio advertising campaign over the coming weeks.

By John Kennedy