Dropbox hits 400m users – 1.2bn files synced every day

25 Jun 2015

Cloud storage player Dropbox now has over 400m users, up from 300m a year ago.

Cloud-storage player Dropbox said it now has 400m registered users, a significant jump from the 300m users it revealed it had just over a year ago.

According to Dropbox, the 400m users now sync some 1.2bn files every day and create more than 100,000 shared folders and links every hour.

They also make 4,000 edits to documents or files every second.

Dropbox was founded in 2007 by MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi as a start-up at Y Combinator.

They started Dropbox after they were frustrated with working with multiple computers and decided a way had to be found to allow people to access the files they needed from any machine.

The company has so far raised more than US$1.1bn in six venture capital rounds involving 25 investors.

Dropbox serves its global community from an international operation in Dublin.

“Your files are more than just .jpgs, .docs, and .ppts,” Houston and Ferdowsi said in a blog post.

“They’re your ideas, memories, projects and work — which is why it’s crucial that you have instant access to them from anywhere.”

“We redesigned image and document previews and implemented full-text search to save you time and improve productivity.

“With over 35 billion Microsoft Office files stored on Dropbox, our Office integration is a natural fit, letting you edit Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files directly from your web browser or mobile device.

We also brought great new features like recent files, commenting and PDF viewing to our iOS and Android apps so people can keep working from wherever they are.”

Cloud storage image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years