Dropbox hires Todd Jackson as first VP of product

29 Jul 2015

Dropbox, headquartered in San Francisco, has announced Todd Jackson as its first VP of product

Dropbox has announced its latest high-level executive hire, bringing Todd Jackson on board as the company’s new — and first — vice president of product.

Jackson is a veteran of Twitter, Facebook and Google, making him something of a heavyweight in tech and his hiring a coup for Dropbox.

In a release, Dropbox has welcomed Jackson to the fold, saying: “Todd’s an exceptionally talented leader who shares our passion for creating products people love.”

That passion has a long history, and is evidenced in the success of products to which he has been attached.

At Google, Jackson worked as product lead on Gmail from 2007 to 2011, coinciding with its surge in popularity. He was involved with design and development of Facebook’s News Feed and Photos, and was director of product management at Twitter, where he oversaw Timeline.

Todd Jackson, Dropbox VP of Product

Todd Jackson, Dropbox’s new – and first – VP of Product

Jackson is the former CEO of Cover, an app that created a smart lock screen for Android devices. Cover was acquired by Twitter in 2014.

Jackson’s appointment follows closely behind that of Thomas Hansen, Dropbox’s new global VP of sales and channel.

San Francisco image, via Shutterstock

Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic