Dublin firm tests triple-play for Deutsche Telekom

18 Oct 2006

A Dublin firm’s technology is being used by T-Com, the broadband business of Deutsche Telekom, to test network performance and the quality of its triple-play IPTV, voice over IP and high-speed internet applications over broadband.

Shenick’s technology has been used by cable TV companies in the US, Europe and Asia to test how cable broadband and TV networks can stand up to various quality issues and security scenarios such as denial-of-service attacks by hackers.

T-Com is currently in the process of rolling out IPTV and triple-play services and is planning to deploy future services under a variety of scalable, operational conditions and usage scenarios.

The company stuck the deal to use Shenick’s diversifEye 3.0 technology to get a granular, realistic perspective on service and performance, right down to the triple-play subscriber household level and its individual users.

Shenick’s diversifEye is an integrated test system that provides both network operators and communications equipment manufacturers the ability to create and test the most realistic triple-play subscriber usage scenarios.

Robert Winters, co-founder and chief marketing officer, Shenick Network Systems, said: “Telecom operators worldwide are already delivering IPTV and full triple-play broadband services.

“It’s essential for organisations such as T-Com to emulate what each customer experience will be to determine performance and quality limitations and potential service bottlenecks before or during deployment,” Winters said.

By John Kennedy