Dutch consumer authority fines Ryanair €370,000 over website rules

20 Mar 2013

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Budget airline Ryanair has landed a €370,000 fine from the Dutch consumer authority Consumentenautoriteit for breaking European airline rules regarding online ticket sales. Ryanair, however, disputes the finding and says it will appeal.

“The decision of the Dutch consumer authority is littered with errors,” said Ryanair’s Robin Kiely. “Ryanair will appeal this unfounded decision and confirms that its website fully complies with all EU and Dutch consumer protection regulations.”

Consumentenautoriteit fined Ryanair for:

  • Failure to mention inclusive ticket prices on its website
  • Consumers’ inability to check their details to correct mistakes during the booking process
  • Lack of an email address for direct contact
  • Failure to mention Ryanair’s customer service staff only speak English (this had not been mentioned on the Dutch-language website).

Ryanair has said its website has now been amended to include full ticket prices since summer 2012, and notification that the customer service department operates in English.

However, if the airline doesn’t resolve the other two issues within three months, it faces an additional fine of €240,000 for each, DutchNews.nl reported.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic