eBay to introduce collection service from Argos stores

3 Jul 2014

eBay and Argos have agreed to form a partnership whereby a person ordering something from eBay will be able to pick up their items in an Argos store for that person’s convenience.

The deal was announced for 650 Argos stores in the UK, having initially run a test trial last year across 150 stores and 50 specific sellers on the online auction site but will now expand its service across the entire island, but has yet to say if, or when, this service will become available in Ireland.

When a customer wants to avail of the service, they just select the purchase and collect option and choose which is their nearest store and within three days is available to collect, according to the Guardian.

While from the outset it might not see as much of an improvement, and rather a way of reducing workload for the post service, is catered particularly to those who are not available to accept a package at home whether that be due to working hours or travel.

The decision to create this partnership is no-doubt a reaction to another online retailing giant, Amazon, starting to roll-out its own collection boxes for its London customers with scope for expanding the service in the coming months.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic