eBay wants to do world of good by going green

3 Sep 2008

Online auctioneer eBay plans to chase the hearts – and pockets – of eco- and socially-minded shoppers with the launch of a new ethical marketplace.

The company said the new e-commerce marketplace World of Good will only sell products that will have a positive impact on people and the planet, “empowering consumers to align their social values with their shopping.”

The new portal is a one-stop shop where products, producers and sellers are verified by various third parties called Trust Providers.

These include organisations like Fair Trade, Co-op America and Aid to Artisans.

Goods on the new site span 15 categories such as home and garden, art, jewellery, clothing, and even food items like coffee.

Products on the new marketplace are handcrafted by artisans across the world and the idea is to give revenues back to marginalised communities in developing countries.

All World of Good products will be listed on eBay.com, seamlessly making socially responsible products available to eBay’s global market of 84 million shoppers.

“Worldofgood.com by eBay gives shoppers who care about making a difference access to great products that help people and the planet,” said Lorrie Norrington, president of eBay marketplaces. “Socially responsible shopping just got bigger and better.”

By John Kennedy

Pictured: homepage of eBay’s new socially responsible shopping site, Worldofgood.com

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years