EMC promotes Irish executive to global role to figure out the future of IT

18 May 2015

Chris Murphy, EMC

One of the most senior executives at EMC in Ireland, Chris Murphy, has been promoted to a global role. As vice president of IT Client Experience he will lead a 1,000-strong workforce.

Previously the senior director of IT Client Experience at EMC’s Centre of Excellence in Cork, as vice president Murphy’s focus has shifted to providing a world-class IT experience to more than 50,000 EMC employees worldwide.

A team of 1,000, speaking 25 languages in 37 different countries, will report directly to Murphy from his base at EMC’s Ovens-based Centre of Excellence.

“The IT world is undergoing rapid evolution, and for many businesses the challenge is an internal one as much as a client-facing one. Employees who enjoy the elegance of iOS, or the simplicity of apps like Skype and WhatsApp, are increasingly expecting the same of the programs and systems they use at work,” Murphy said.

“Furthermore, the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets in the workplace requires new ways of thinking, especially in terms of security and privacy. Getting to grips with this shifting landscape is something I look forward to, as well as the formation of EMC’s global IT strategy from our Cork campus.”

EMC employs around 3,000 people at its campus in Ovens, Cork.

Defining EMC’s global strategy

The EMC Centre of Excellence in Ireland, one of eight across the globe, provides engineering and research development, customer service, IT and technical support to global EMC offices. The company exports to 140 countries from Ireland.

From Fairhill in Cork city and a graduate of University College Cork, Murphy has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, with a major in accountancy. Following his graduation, he received a Diploma in Computer Science. Murphy first worked at Apple’s Cork facility, before moving to EMC, where he has remained for 20 years.

“Following 20 years as an integral player at EMC’s Cork campus, Chris has vast experience and skill to bring to this global role. EMC values his immense knowledge of the IT field and his qualities as a leader, and he is considered essential to the success of our global IT strategy,” said Bob Savage, vice president and managing director of EMC EMEA Centres of Excellence.


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years