Employees to access pensions online

28 Oct 2003

Pension advisor IFG has rolled out a new extranet that will allow its corporate customers and their employees to access real-time pension information.

E-business firm BuzinessPals won a contract with IFG Financial Services Pension Consultants to deploy the system that will be accessed by national and international businesses and their employees. IFG is retained by a number of national and international financial services companies as an adviser on pension matters.

The extranet was deployed by BuzinessPals within a two month time window. Initially the extranet was set up for a single corporate customer of IFG but has since been rolled out to an additional four corporate customers.

“Many of our clients would have hundreds of employees and presenting each employee with individual data was manual and cumbersome,” said Bruce Mullen, Director of IFG Financial Services.

“This process was also costly both in terms of time and expense. We were looking for a web based solution that was simple for staff to administer and for clients to access fund details.”

In building the IFG extranet, BuzinessPal deployed its ContentPal technology that enables companies to build, deploy and maintain internet, extranet and intranet rollouts. “The key to a successful website, intranet an extranet implementation is ensuring that users have access to the tools required to carry out these tasks, but more importantly that the tools provided are intuitive and easy to use,” said Colm Stafford, the managing director of BuzinessPals.

By John Kennedy