“Emulating Apple is not part of our strategy” – HP

28 Sep 2010

One of the top rumoured candidates to become HP’s new CEO, Todd Bradley, has emphasised that HP is still investing in innovation.

Speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, he said HP is spending appropriately on research and development.

“I don’t think we’ve shied away from continuing to invest in innovation, I don’t think we’ve shied away from acquiring where we felt it was strategically important to acquire,” said Bradley.

This was in response to IBM’s CEO Sam Palmisano’s comments that HP was not spending on innovation anymore, which Bradley said was “fundamentally just wrong.”

Bradley also said that HP expects to sell about 15 million printers next year with Palm’s webOS platform.

HP acquired Palm earlier in the year for $1.2bn.

During the conference, Bradley also said HP was not attempting to copy Apple in its focus on controlling both the hardware and software aspects of its profits.

“Emulating Apple is not part of our strategy,” he said.