Enterprise boards to get €3.78m in extra funding to create jobs

19 Nov 2012

The Irish Government is to provide 30 county and city enterprise boards around Ireland with an extra €3.78m funding injection before the end of the year to help create around 500 jobs in small businesses.

The Minister for Small Business John Perry, TD, said today that the €3.78m will be allocated to 30 county and city enterprise boards (CEBs) to fund job creation.

This year, the 35 CEBs had already been given €15m in funding. The additional funding is being provided by the Government in response to specific requests from CEBs for more funding to help fund projects.

“This is the second year in succession that the CEBs have indicated that the demand for their services is so strong that they need additional funding to respond to the needs of micro-enterprises in their area,” said Perry.

He said the funding would be used by the CEBs to provide direct capital assistance to companies, as well as mentoring and training, in order to help create 505 jobs.

Of the 35 CEBs that are to get funding, Dublin City is to get €400,000 to help create 30 jobs, Mayo is to get €105,000 to help create 20 jobs, and Donegal is to get €340,000 to help create 57 jobs.

Job signs image via Shutterstock

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic