Esat BT puts store in joint venture with EMC

3 Jul 2003

Telecoms firm Esat BT has embarked on a joint venture with storage technology giant EMC to provide real-time automated networked data storage and business continuity solutions to SMEs and corporates.

Known as Esat BT Data Storage, the offering will allow firms to keep all their information networked on-site, choose outsourced management of their IT needs and fulfil back-up needs at a secure Esat BT data centre.

Both companies will donate “best of breed” technologies to the joint venture and have described the offering as one of the most advanced EMC business continuity solutions in Ireland.

Esat BT CEO Bill Murphy described the new joint venture as a key element of the company’s infrastructure strategy. He said that businesses will now be able to benefit from the efficiencies of hosted networked information storage and the ability to transfer large volumes of data over high-capacity fibre optic networks.

“This new offering is unique in that it provides customers with a complete end-to-end storage solution, helping them gain business efficiencies and reduce costs,” he said.

“Esat BT and EMC share the same vision for the networked storage market and through our unique expertise we are giving our customers access to services that can help them to operate more effectively,” Murphy said.

EMC Ireland’s sales manager Tony Quinn argued: “There is a fundamental economic argument for the move to networked storage – improved utilisation of resources and increased accessibility and reliability, which can have a real impact on the bottom line.

“EMC has selected Esat BT to provide a unique end-to-end solution proposition to the Irish market. Our combined skill sets will bring tremendous benefits to our mutual customers,” Quinn said.

By John Kennedy