ESB signs major licensing deal with Microsoft

2 Sep 2003

Microsoft has signed a large enterprise licensing agreement with the ESB to supply 4,500 workers at the electricity board with a broad range of desktop and server products and solutions.

Under the terms of the deal ESB will be licensed to implement the latest business productivity and infrastructure solutions from Microsoft, including Microsoft Office 2003, Professional, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Project Exchange Server 2003, the Enterprise Project Management tools, Microsoft Project Professional 2003 with Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft Visio 2003 and the developers’ tool MSDN Universal.

ESB believes the programme will assist it in terms of easier budgeting, more efficient deployment and enhanced productivity.

Harry Largey, senior group manager of Microsoft Ireland’s enterprise and partner group commented: “We have a strong working relationship with the ESB, and believe that this project is the latest milestone in further strengthening that relationship. The size and reputation of the ESB mean that the organisation is a superb showcase for what Microsoft can offer to the enterprise sector. The agreement also shows the practical value of the software assurance (SA) Value programme for the ESB, in terms of the level of support that is available to users.”

Brian Davis, Head of Group IS, ESB, said: “As one of the country’s largest employers we have a wide range of IT requirements. The agreement with Microsoft provides ESB with a flexible solution to meet those varied needs. The extra benefits provided by the SA value programme provides ESB with continuous upgrades, keeping our systems to the forefront of the IT market.”

By John Kennedy