Facebook ‘IPO is coming’ Zuckerberg reportedly tells staff

18 Nov 2011

Mark Zuckerberg briefs Facebook staff in Dublin during the summer

Facebook’s much-anticipated IPO is coming, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is understood to have told staff. Reports suggest this IPO might be as soon as next month.

IPO season is on as various social networking and internet businesses strive to follow in the wake of LinkedIn and Groupon’s successful IPOs. Yesterday, business directory site Yelp filed for a US$100m IPO.

Silicon Alley’s BusinessInsider.com got the scoop after a source close to Facebook emailed to tell it that an S1 could be filed in the coming weeks.

Could Facebook be in a hurry not to miss out on current investor sentiment?

Until now, the consensus has been that Facebook won’t IPO until 2012. The company’s financials are due for private investors in April.

At the moment, talk of an imminent IPO by Facebook are just rumours until the company officially confirms the fact itself.

TechCrunch has concluded that any internal IPO talk at Facebook is motivated to satisfy talented staff as finding and keeping engineers is a real battle right now in Silicon Valley.

John Kennedy