Facebook now reaches 1bn people daily – reports $4.5bn Q3 revenue

5 Nov 2015

Facebook is now reaching over 1.5bn people every month

Social network Facebook has, for the first time, revealed that it is now reaching 1bn daily users out of a total user base of 1.5bn people. The company reported Q3 revenues of $4.5bn.

As a result, Facebook reported a net income of $896m, up from $806m a year ago.

“We had a good quarter and got a lot done,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO. “We’re focused on innovating and investing for the long term to serve our community and connect the entire world.”

The majority of Facebook’s Q3 revenues came from mobile advertising of US$3.4bn, which accounts for 78pc of Facebook’s total ad revenue compared with 66pc a year ago.\

Daily active users (DAUs) were 1.01bn on average during September 2014, out of which 894m were mobile daily users.

On a monthly basis, Facebook is now serving 1.55bn people, out of which 1.39bn accessed the social network by mobile.

Capital expenditure during the quarter was $780m and the company said it had over $15.8bn worth of cash in the bank.

The global Facebook community


In a Facebook post last night, Zuckerburg said: “Our community now has more than 1.55bn people, including more than 1bn people active every day. Through Internet.org, more than 15m people now have access to the opportunities of the internet who didn’t before.

“In the last three months, we’ve also announced our first aircraft to beam down internet access, our first satellite launch to deliver connectivity, an AI-powered digital assistant and our first Oculus virtual reality consumer release.

“Our community has a lot to be proud of.”

Facebook user image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years