Father Ted’s ‘Mrs Doyle’ stitches up e-business with Go Ons tea cosies

13 Jul 2012

A Go On tea cosy, by Pauline McLynn. Image via http://paulinemclynn.com

Proving that anyone can go on and enter the e-commerce space, actress Pauline McLynn, who played housekeeper Mrs Doyle on the comedy Father Ted, has begun designing, knitting and selling tea cosies online.

The tea cosies, dubbed ‘The Go Ons’, are available via McLynn’s website for €50- €90. They likely take their name from Mrs Doyle’s well-known response to refusals to a cup of tea: “Ah, go on, go on …”

“I love knitting and that’s one of the reasons that the GO ONs exist at all,” McLynn said on her website. “I was taught to knit by my Mum when I was a child and she is a great knitter, as was my Gran, who could knock out an Aran style bobble hat in a few hours working from a ‘pattern’ in her head. Amazing! So, it’s in the genes …”

McLynn added that she haunts wool shops and the internet for yarn. “And that’s before we even get into the bead buying (a whole new world for me and a delight).”

The Go Ons are designed for round-bellied tea pots and are available in various styles. The large ‘Jade Green “Hairy” Acrylic “Randomer” Go On’, for example, is finished with a purple tie and purple wooden and white beads.

The tea cosies also come in small, medium and large sizes. A small fits a two-cup teapot, medium fits a 4-6 cup teapot, and large fits a six teacups or more teapot.

McLynn said she’s working on the autumn/winter collection and fans can expect ‘sparklies’, “especially for the December festive season”.

Go Ons

Image via http://paulinemclynn.com