Weekend takeaway: 10 fintech stories you need to read right now

22 Apr 2016

It was fintech week at Siliconrepublic.com and here are the must-read stories to takeaway for the weekend

Ten nuggets of knowledge from our Fintech Week to take away for the weekend, incuding: Ireland’s fintech hub; women leading fintech revolution; and understanding blockchain.

1. The future of banking: messy but great for the customer

Never before have customers interacted with their banks so often, with account management but a touch of a thumb away. But what are banks doing with all the data they have collected, and what does it mean for me and you?

2. 31 women strengthening the connection between finance and technology

The figures don’t favour women in financial technology, but that hasn’t stopped these leaders from taking their place at the forefront of an exciting new sector.

3. 7 top employers seeking fintech candidates right now

Ireland is becoming a powerful fintech hub as the fintech sector grows massively in Ireland. Along with that growth, as always, come jobs.

4. How new technology is transforming banking, business and finance

The first chapter of our Fintech A to Z breaks down automation, banking, commerce, data and economy in terms of the fintech sector.

5. The European accelerators helping start-ups to crest the fintech wave

A start-up is only as good as the ground swell behind it, and getting one off the starting blocks can be a colossal challenge. Throughout Europe, accelerators and incubators are making things just a little bit easier.

6. Why are these 10 fintech start-ups so flush with cash?

What’s the secret to scoring big investment in fintech? It seems to be all about payments, payments, payments.

7. Does Ireland have what it takes to be a fintech nation?

Does Ireland have what it takes to consider itself a leading fintech nation? Siliconrepublic.com asked some of the country’s leading fintech figures at the recent Fintech Nation event.

8. Beyond cryptocurrency: how blockchain can transform business

The Irish Management Institute looks at how blockchain can be used to transform the operations of businesses in a wide variety of sectors.

9. Regtech is on the rise while start-ups threaten disruption

While start-ups are racing to innovate on financial services, regulators are trying to keep up.

10. Fintech revolution will augment the reality of modern-day banking

There are some who believe the disruptive forces of fintech threaten the banking world. The reality is fintech could help banks reinvent themselves, writes John Kennedy.

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years