Weekend takeaway: For the dedicated followers of fintech

2 Dec 2016

Essential weekend reading including fintech leaders and an IDA global marketing campaign. Image: Alissa Kumarova/Shutterstock

From the leaders in fintech to IDA’s new global ad campaign, we cover all the important areas in the sci-tech world this week.

1. 20 fintech influencers you need to know

Fintech is a fast-growing industry attracting traditional players, disruptive upstarts and plenty of investment. But who are the leading thinkers, advisers and policymakers lighting the way ahead?

2. Blockchain and the growing regtech ecosystem

As the prevalence of regtech increases, so too does the importance of entrepreneurs and developers taking advantage of the technology. Gecko Governance’s Andris Macs offers some insight into how regtech is disrupting the financial sector.

3. IDA global ad campaign aims to reassure in a post-Brexit world

IDA Ireland is coming out all guns blazing with a new global ad campaign that will transcend digital, print and TV, to remind decision-makers that Ireland is the place to invest post-Brexit.

4. Irish Govt expects 1,000 space-tech jobs by 2020 after ESA deal

Having committed to continue investing in the ESA, the Irish Government has confirmed it will invest €90m until 2021, with the expectation of creating 1,000 space-tech jobs by 2020.

5. The 6 seconds it takes to hack a Visa card is ‘frighteningly easy’

New research into the security of Visa credit and debit cards has described the ability to bypass online payment security methods in just six seconds as “frighteningly easy”.

6. EU puts another nail in roaming charges’ coffin, but it’s not dead yet

The deathly slow removal of mobile roaming charges in the EU took another step towards its ultimate resolution this week, with the European Parliament agreeing a new cap on services.

7. Google, Apple and Samsung lose ground in PwC Global ICT 50 ranking

Once seen as cutting edge, Google, Apple and Samsung are sliding in the PwC Global ICT 50 ranking due to slower growth and maturing technologies.

8. Astronauts may have solved the problem of smelly chips

A novel series of cold plasma experiments aboard the International Space Station (ISS) could result in odourless chip shops.

9. How to land the job of your dreams: A step-by-step guide

Amid a burst of jobs announcements across Ireland, we took a look at the entire job-search process and examined working life.

10. Government considers plan to close TV licence online loophole

The Irish Government is once again looking to close the existing loophole that allows people to watch RTÉ programmes for free through non-TV devices, but is far from deciding how it wants to do it.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years