Dublin’s Future Human event makes the move to October 2020

11 Mar 2020

Trinity Business School dean Prof Andrew Burke and Future Human founder Ann O’Dea. Image: Conor McCabe Photography

Given the current climate, the organisers of Future Human have made the decision to push the May event out until autumn, as event founder Ann O’Dea explains.

There were just so many unknowns as we headed into the summer and, after much contingency planning, research and consultation here at Silicon Republic, we have made the final decision to move Future Human out to October 2020.

Future Human’s predecessor event Inspirefest welcomed people from 52 countries last summer. And with all the uncertainty around Covid-19, we feel it would be inappropriate to push ahead and ask people to travel, or even plan travel, in May this year.

We have always prided ourselves on running the most forward-looking, progressive and inclusive large tech events in the world, so asking attendees with underlying health conditions to stay away for their own safety was never going to work for us.

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As with all organisers of large events, it has been a tough few weeks given all the considerations that needed to be made, from speakers and attendees to volunteers, stakeholders and partners. We are hugely fortunate in that it looks like virtually all of our partners and sponsors are coming on the journey with us. We’re eminently grateful for their support.

I’m particularly grateful to Trinity Business School and its dean, Prof Andrew Burke, who has been so supportive and constructive in working with us to reschedule the event. We’re still all set to bring Future Human to the school’s marvellous state-of-the art building on Pearse St in Dublin, albeit a little later than originally planned. We truly have the best partners in the world.

By necessity, one or two of our announced speakers may change. But we’re delighted to say that the line-up is looking set to be even more exciting than we first imagined, and we’ll be keeping you all abreast of developments in coming weeks.

We’re swiftly notifying all ticket-holders of this announcement, and tickets will of course be honoured at the October event, or are fully transferable.

We hope our community will stick with us as we make the tough decision that best serves both them and our ethos. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

See you in October!

Future Human is Silicon Republic’s international technology, science and business event celebrating meaning, values and purpose with collaborative, interactive and hands-on experiences. Early Bird tickets for Future Human 2020 are available now.

Ann O’Dea is the CEO and co-founder of Silicon Republic and the founder of Future Human