Google acquires smartphone gaming company Green Throttle Games

12 Mar 2014

Green Throttle Gaming controller and app

Google has acquired the rights to Green Throttle Games’ smartphone gaming technology in what is believed to be a bid by the internet search giant to make its own set-top gaming device.

PandoDaily reported that the technology and staff of the small gaming company have recently been acquired, four months after the company shut down due to lack of sales.

The company has been producing a handheld controller to be used over Bluetooth with Android devices on the Arena app, effectively making it a gaming console of sorts.

Now, however, it is understood Google will be looking to use Green Throttle Games’ technology to develop its own TV set-top box and a Bluetooth controller that will be used with the Google device which would logically include the ability to make it an Android gaming console.

Google confirmed to Pando Daily that a deal had been struck between the two companies and that most of the small gaming team will become Google staff.

The gaming company’s founders include Charles Huang, the creator of the Guitar Hero games, along with Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend, who decided to set up Green Throttle Games in 2012.

In November last year, the company folded, despite raising US$6m in series A funding from groups such as DCM and Trinity Ventures.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic