Google currently recruiting 200 jobs in Dublin

31 Jan 2008

Search giant Google is in the process of recruiting 200 new workers at its Dublin European headquarters where it already employs 1,500 people, has learned.

A spokesman for the company said that despite recent reports, the company is not expanding into an additional building in order to accommodate the 500 new positions.

Recent reports on Dublin property developer Liam Carroll’s request for planning permission to expand adjacent to the existing Google offices, the spokesman said, are independent to Google’s own plans.

However, he explained that the company has already begun to exceed its own commitments on the 1,500 workers needed for Dublin and that 200 additional workers are currently required within the existing premises.

“Google is continuing to recruit in Dublin and is on the look out for 200 workers in a variety of roles across the board, ranging from online operations, human resources, online advertising, engineering and finance.”

The last major expansion at Google’s Barrow Street headquarters took place in November 2006 with the addition of 500 new jobs due to growth in Google’s EMEA business.

At the time, the expansion was facilitated by the company moving into an identical 100,000sq ft building next door. However, the spokesman said that despite Liam Carroll’s request for planning permission adjacent to the existing building, Google has no specific jobs announcements or expansions planned.

“The 200 new positions are being located within the existing premises,” he reiterated.

By John Kennedy