Google denied ‘Nexus’ trademark for new smart phone

16 Mar 2010

Internet giant Google, whose Nexus One smart phone is available in the US and about to launch in Europe, has been denied the rights to the ‘Nexus’ trademark.

It emerged today that Google’s application to the US Trademark Office was turned down because the ‘Nexus’ name already belongs to another company called Integra Telecom.

Integra, a provider of voice and data services was granted the Nexus trademark (US registration No. 3554195) in 2008.

The Trademark Office believes the conflicting trademarks would confuse a potential customer because both companies exist in a similar business channel.

It said the various goods sold by both companies need not be identical or directly competitive to avoid a likelihood of confusion.

Google has six months to appeal the refusal. It can keep on using the ‘Nexus’ One name until Integra decides to sue it for infringement.

By John Kennedy

Photo: The Nexus One

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years