Google quietly closes its 4 physical Google Glass stores

24 Nov 2014

Google's Google Glass Basecamp in Los Angeles. Image via Wallpaper

Google quietly announced over the weekend it has closed its four bricks-and-mortar Google Glass stores after the company found a considerable decline in interest in the physical stores.

The four stores, known as Basecamps, in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and London were closed without notice and was only reported following a Google+ post by Spencer Kleyweg, a 15-year-old Google Glass fanatic and one of the youngest signed up to its Explorer beta project.

The stores were initially opened so as to assist those with the smartglasses as to how to use them as well as some other activities that could be performed by Google Glass.

However, Kleyweg found that when he tried to book an appointment with a Google Glass representative online, he found no appointment times available and after a phonecall was told by a Google employee that the stores were now closed.

“This was quite a shock to me since I have visited my local LA Basecamp on multiple occasions and started to form connections with the Glass Guides,” said Kleyweg in his blog post. “They helped me sort out technical difficulties as well as throw pretty great events for Explorers.”

Closures not due to decline in demand

Google has been quick to reiterate that the stores’ closure is not to do with a decline in the number of sales or interest in the product, but rather that the initial interest and support has moved rapidly to the point where online is the go-to source for Google Glass owners.

Speaking to 9to5 Google, Glass community manager Becca Samson said, “Remember when everyone had to go to a Basecamp to pick up Glass? Well as more and more people got to see it in person we opened up other ways for people to get Glass – like our website and the Play Store. Now we’re seeing that most of our sales and support are happening online or over the phone, so we’re focusing more on those now.”

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic