Has Apple actually sold 2.5m Apple Watches?

23 Jul 2015

Apple’s recent financial results were full of interesting nuggets, with iPhone sales rising and share prices plummeting. But what of the Apple Watch?

Well, information was scant and disparate, but that’s not to say clues were lacking.

As Siliconrepublic.com editor John Kennedy said at the time, while filed under the “other” category along with Apple Music, Apple iPods and the Apple TV, Apple said that sales of the Apple Watch were 100pc of the growth rate of the other products filed under “other”.

This means they’re instantaneously the market leader of an industry in its infancy. It also means that they may have sold up to 2.5m devices.

Why is that estimate being circulated? Well, the ‘other’ category brought in around US$1bn on the previous quarter, with just the Apple Watch, surely, the difference.

Now Juniper research has chimed in, saying that – depending on the average selling price of the Apple Watch – “the year-on-year revenue increase indicates [sales of] between 1.5 and 2.5 million units.”

The tech giant said the Apple Watch sold more than the first iPhone or the iPad in a comparable period, which is less than three months – the first iPad sold 2m in 60 days.

“This makes it the most successful smartwatch launch to date, with no other launches coming close in a comparable time period,” said Juniper devices analyst James Moar.

“However, despite buyers being satisfied with the device, we continue to see that the product is running out of steam. We would also expect a decline in sales following launch, especially as H1 draws to a close.

“This means we are unlikely to see more than 7m Apple Watches sold by the end of 2015, even with a boost to sales over the Christmas period.”

Heady days when 7m devices sold in nine months is considered anything short of incredible.

Main image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic