Hotel start-up site sells €100k in six months

2 Sep 2010

Hotel booking website has made more than €100,000 in sales since it launched in February, with luxury hotels proving more attractive to consumers than budget properties.

Owner Martina Skelly believes all website owners need to analyse their site visitor data to respond to visitor preferences and market conditions.

“The information provided by these tools is quite simply marketing gold.  It enables us to fine-tune our campaigns and our focus.  Our analytics data showed us early on that our users were drawn to the luxury offers and this allowed us to give more prominence on the website to the luxury deals,” she said. 

“We know for example that the majority of our bookers are female so we target our offers, wording and even aesthetic sensibility to that market segment.  In addition, knowing that 63pc of our users are in Dublin has helped us increase our bookings by focusing on accommodation offers outside of Dublin.

“The site also allows users to sign up for alerts via Facebook, Twitter and email, so we can keep them updated via the medium that suits them best.  We have been very successful with a tiny marketing spend, by using the feedback and trends spotted from our visitor analysis tools.” partnership with Avvio

Skelly partnered with Avvio Web:Ads Affiliate Network to stream dynamic hotel offers and deals to  Avvio Web:Ads inventory includes some of Ireland’s best-known properties with a selection of five-star, four-star and three-star properties throughout Ireland and up-to-the minute business reporting functionality.

Customers who log on to are guaranteed the best available rates and availability 24/7.  Crucially, Avvio Web:Ads allows customers to book direct with the hotel and eradicates any potential risk associated with booking via third-party sites.  Avvio has the largest stock of luxury properties in Ireland. 

“We have found that consumers are still prepared to spend but these days they demand the utmost in value for money and expect added extras. Business owners need to be alert and utilise the power of analytics tools to identify exactly what their customers are looking for,” said Skelly.

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