HP acquires Voltage Security to encrypt cloud, big data and IoT

10 Feb 2015

HP has acquired data encryption player Voltage Security for an undisclosed sum to bolster its efforts to secure cloud computing, big data and the internet of things and move away from physical security solutions.

Voltage Security will become part of HP’s Atalla Solutions division, which protects data across smart devices and data centres and which protects 70pc of US payment card transactions.

“As our IT systems continue to evolve and grow more complex, so do our security needs,” explained Art Gilliland, SVP and general manager of Enterprise Security Products at HP.

“Today, sensitive information is everywhere – in cloud and big data environments, on mobile platforms, with employees scattered around the world, and, as the internet of things market grows, even more devices than we could have imagined.”

Protecting information where it lives

“As a result, we are facing a new paradigm in enterprise security that requires organisations to protect not just their systems, but the data itself. What our customers need is a solution that protects sensitive information from the moment it’s created throughout its entire lifecycle,” said Gilliland.

Voltage’s encryption and token technology will be used to protect sensitive information whether it lives in the cloud, across mobile platforms and in big data environments.

Gilliland said HP plans to offer customers unparalleled data-protection capabilities built to close the gaps that exist in traditional encryption and tokenisation approaches.

“This is particularly important for enterprises that interact with financial payments systems, manage workloads in the cloud, or whose sensitive data flows into Hadoop for analytics – making them attractive targets for cyberattackers.”

Cloud security image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years