HP to supply Navy with comms infrastructure

26 Mar 2003

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Ireland is to supply the Irish Navy with a new IT infrastructure that is hoped will help improve communications while at sea.

The technology will allow the Navy to collate and analyse information and to share data regarding issues such as tracking fishing activity, drug trafficking and so on more effectively and securely with national and international agencies while at sea.

HP has begun developing a new technology infrastructure that will include secure wireless connectivity, integration of databases and the setting up of a more functional geographical information system (GIS). The new system will be based on HP’s range of UNIX 9000 platform and HP Proliant servers.

It will take six months to implement and involves a three-year support services contract.

Chris Nalty, Lirguard Project co-ordinator, said: “This project represents the continuing progress in, and development of, IT solutions to assist the naval service in the complex area of maritime patrolling and communication. The placement of the new infrastructure afloat will enhance the operational capabilities of the fleet at sea and should result in significant savings in terms of effort and resources. These benefits will help the naval service focus its efforts more effectively, and ensure a consistent planned and co-ordinated approach to monitoring and enforcement of the relevant legislation.”

Martin Murphy, managing director of HP Ireland, said: “As Ireland has one of the largest coasts in Europe, the Irish Navy is heavily involved in tracking fishing activity, drug trafficking and tracking other illegal activities around the coast of Ireland. By using this system the Navy will be able to send and receive information both securely and in real-time and thereby improving the Navy’s communication channels while at sea.”

By Suzanne Byrne