HTC could buy a mobile OS

12 Sep 2011

Cher Wang, chairwoman of HTC, has said the company may buy an operating system, but “will not do it on impulse,” according to a report.

Focus Taiwan reported that Wang said HTC focuses on making unique products on different operating systems, meaning that the company could use any OS it wants.

“Our strength lies in understanding an OS, but it does not mean that we have to produce an OS,” she said.

Nonetheless, Wang said that HTC has had internal discussions about buying an OS, but said it wouldn’t rush to do it.

While no specific OS was mentioned, HTC was among those rumoured to be interested in purchasing webOS, after HP said it would spin off its personal systems group.

Samsung was rumoured to be interested in buying the OS, but CEO Choi Gee Sung denied this, saying it wasn’t right that acquiring an operating system was “becoming a fashion.”