HTC responds to Apple lawsuit

3 Mar 2010

HTC develops its own technology, the company said in response to a lawsuit Apple filed against the firm for patent infringement.

HTC is the world’s largest maker of smart phones that use internet search giant Google’s Android mobile operating system. The company has been manufacturing mobile devices for 13 years, “and so HTC is not only a mobile technology innovator, (we) also hold a large number of patents,” the company said in a filing to the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

HTC will work with the US justice system to protect its own innovations and rights, it said.

Apple filed the lawsuit on 2 March 2010 in the US, claiming HTC is infringing on 20 patents pertaining to Apple’s iPhone hardware, user interface and underlying architecture.

Apple’s filing includes smart phones from HTC that use Google’s Android OS as well as some that run Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS.

Photo: Apple’s iPhone 3GS