IBM appoints chief privacy officer

16 Oct 2012

Christina Peters, IBM's new chief privacy officer

Tech giant IBM has appointed Christina Peters as its chief privacy officer to guide and oversee the company’s global information policy and practices that affect more than 400,000 employees and thousands of clients.

Peters is also responsible for a worldwide team of legal, data protection and technical professionals at IBM who address privacy and data security.

In her role as IBM’s chief privacy officer, Peters will lead the company’s global engagement in public policy and industry initiatives on data security and privacy. She will continue to serve on the advisory board of the Future of Privacy Forum.

Peters has worked as a practising attorney with IBM since 1996 (first in Germany, later in the US), and has handled various transactional, policy, compliance, litigation, and cyber security matters in the US and abroad.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic