IBM completes acquisition of Tealeaf Technology

13 Jun 2012

Technology giant IBM has finished its acquisition of software maker Tealeaf Technology, Inc, for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition allows IBM to extend its Smarter Commerce initiative with qualitative analytics software designed to help organisations deliver an optimal digital experience to their customers via the web and mobile devices.

Tealeaf Technology is a provider of digital customer experience management and customer behaviour analysis solutions. Its software analyses interactions on websites and mobile devices.

Through these insights, chief marketing officers (CMOs), e-commerce and customer service professionals can spot patterns and address issues in website and mobile application design, such as a mobile coupon not being recognised at check out in a retailer’s online store.

“Businesses today are only as good as the online experience that they deliver to their customers. This includes mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets,” said Craig Hayman, general manager of Industry Solutions at IBM.

“With IBM and Tealeaf, CMOs as well as e-commerce and customer service professionals will have the insights into the journey of each individual customer and the opportunity to quickly respond to their unique needs and ensure the best experience possible.”

Under the deal, Tealeaf will be integrated into IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, specifically, the Enterprise Marketing and Management business.

Tealeaf employees will join IBM’s Software Group.